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Abacus Diesel™ Diesel Water


May Induce Chill + Serene Vibes.

Earthy, Dank, Fuel
Cedar, Pine, Tangy, Sour

Earthy and Invigorating taste and aroma, with an OG Gas finish.

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Cherry Abacus™ Diesel Water


May Induce Calm + Focused Vibes

Cool, Fresh, Wild Berry

Basil, Hops, Balsam, Pepper

Cherry Abacus™ is refreshingly delicious with an exotic wild berry flavor and aroma.

Lemon Abacus™ Diesel Water


May Induce Uplifting + Invigorating Vibes.

Sweet, Tart, Citrus

Grapefruit, Juniper, Pine, Rosemary

Uplifting, invigorating, classic lemon flavor and aroma.

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Pinot G™ Diesel Water


May Induce Elevated + Blissful Vibes.

Fresh, Crisp, Floral
Apple, Orange Blossom, Basil, Hops

Crisp, fresh floral, almost like a very light white grape, white wine flavor and aroma.