The Magic of Terpenes

Whether you have heard of Terpenes or not, you have been experiencing them in some way or another your entire life.

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds, mostly found in plants, that are responsible for their distinct aroma, smell and even pigment. They are the building blocks of essential oils, and there are over 20,000 different known Terpenes. These compounds are found in herbs, fruits, roots, leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, grasses, sap, cannabis, and are even found in some animals. They are highly functional and integral to a plant’s life, and have many functions such as: attracting pollinators, repelling pests and other insects, protection, recovery, and even boosting immunity to thwart infection (just to name a few).  

Not only do Terpenes offer these benefits to plants, but they also have the ability to offer them to humans as well. Alternative therapies such as aromatherapy are hugely popular thanks to essential oils derived from plants, and their unique terpene compounds. Something so simple as inhaling their aroma can energize (lemons), calm and de-stress (lavender), boost mood (oranges), and so much more. There is much research on terpenes, their potential therapeutic benefits and myriad of uses.

In cannabis, Terpenes are responsible for what is referred to as the “entourage effect” which can affect and even enhance the effects of different strains of cannabis. Some even say that Terpenes are more important in different strains than the THC or CBD content of that strain when it comes to physical and even mind-altering effects. This is why we have purposefully chosen to NOT include any cannabinoids (THC, CBD) in our beverages. We feel that this synergistic magic is the most beneficial component to cannabis, and why we hold Terpenes in the highest regard.

We have spent years learning how to extract these delicate essences from our cannabis plants and infuse them into our beverages. Our Terpenes are derived only from our cannabis strains, bred and cultivated in-house by our sister company Diesel Hemp™. Even though there are many botanical sources to derive these aromatic compounds, we have purposefully built our company and product line around our strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes, as opposed to “botanically” derived sources. This is what truly sets Diesel Beverages™ apart.


Terpenes are complex, delicate, volatile creatures. They can be hard to capture and preserve, as there are many single Terpenes as well as other chemical compounds in each strain, and each one has a different boiling point.

There are also MANY different methods to extract these essences from the plant, and all have their own pros and cons. We have spent years working with our own strains to figure out the best way to extract them, based on how they behave, taste and smell during extraction and after. Years of R&D spent on learning about our own strains and their individual idiosyncrasies have led us to be able to extract and distill these highly valuable substances so that they smell just like they do when they are still a part of the living plant. It is important to not harm or over process the Terpenes during extraction and distillation which can be a challenge as they are very sensitive to temperature, pressure, moisture, etc.

We take the utmost care to ensure that the aroma, taste and potential effects of these compounds are captured perfectly so that they can be enjoyed, as nature intended: Pure.

*These are not synthetic flavors created in a lab, these are pure essences that come straight from the cannabis plant, and are not modified or enhanced with any other flavors.

Our Founders

Natalie Mondine & Marc Brannigan


Co-Founder, COO, Creative Director

Natalie, originally from Pittsburgh, PA has lived out west for almost 20 years. 

With deep roots in the natural products industry, Natalie has studied herbal medicine for over 17 years, 7 of them in the Hemp industry. She has built, managed, and directed production labs, created dietary supplements, herbal formulas, and has brought 8 product lines to market, including a pet line. 

Natalie brings many years of specializing in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and compliance to the table. She is responsible for obtaining the first USDA organic certification for a Hemp crop in the US in 2015 (for a company which Marc was the founder of and of which she was Director of Quality Assurance). She is the creative director for all things Diesel and gets to integrate her love of art and design into the brand, along with her love of plants.

Natalie’s intense love and knowledge of plants and herbal medicine has been integral in creating the Diesel Beverages™ vision and product line that promises to be a new and invigorating take on inspired beverages. 

Natalie is currently the Co-Founder and COO of Diesel Beverages™, Diesel Hemp™, Colorado CBD Seed™ and HempMy Pet™ with Marc Brannigan.


Co-Founder, CEO

Marc has been a cannabis cultivator of 25+ years and oversees the breeding and cultivar selection as well as the vision for the Diesel Beverages™ line.

Marc grew up in south Florida where he cultivated his first cannabis plant at the age of 15. He went to the University of Florida where he graduated with a business degree and exceled at his indoor cannabis growing skills. After some additional years of growing in South Florida and finishing his MBA at Florida Atlantic University, he moved to North Carolina to develop real estate and further develop his cannabis growing experience and property aquisition. Marc then moved to Arizona and started a publicly traded medical marijuana real estate investment trust, Zoned Properties. After a few years he relocated to southern Colorado and started Los Suenos, a large outdoor cannabis farm. At that time, he learned about hemp and large-scale outdoor cultivation. It was after that he started CBDRx, the first cannabis company to obtain a USDA organic certification for their hemp.

After CBDRx, came HempMy Pet™, Colorado CBD Seed,™ Diesel Hemp™  and now Diesel Beverages™, all which he is currently CEO of and Co-Founder of with his business partner, Natalie Mondine.

Artificial Is Unoriginal

Diesel Beverages do NOT Contain:

Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Sweeteners